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Water Filtration Pros of Texas was founded in June of 2015. Our mission was to push water technology further and into the 21st century, utilizing technology such as WiFi to monitor RO and Water Softener systems. Even though we are a new company, we have over 50 years of water treatment expertise on our leadership team alone.


Water Filtration Pros of Texas makes Water Treatment invisible, elevating your business to focus on the goods and services that power your business. Water Filtration Pros of Texas uses only the latest technology and highest quality products to keep your home protected from low quality water or hard water build up. We strive to take water treatment into the modern era.

Long history in water quality
State of the art water filtration systems
Most knowledgeable water filtration technicians in the industry
Impeccable honest, reliable, and friendly customer service

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Hard Water vs Soft Water Lesson by Jeremy
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Discover the Pure Drinking Water Difference

Why Choose Water Filtration Pros of Texas
Water Softeners
An Water Filtration Pros of Texas softener provides hard water treatment for your home by removing calcium, magnesium, sediment, and iron from the water.
Drinking Water Systems
Pays for itself over time and makes a difference you will notice every day.
Commercial & Industrial
Sales and service with 24/7 local support
Residential Water Filtration DFW
Whole Home Water Systems
Our whole home systems refine the water coming into your home and purify the water your family drinks.
Water Refiners
An Water Filtration Pros of Texas refiner softens your family’s water by removing the hardness minerals and sediment that weren’t removed by the municipality, and it also removes the chlorine taste and odor that is prevalent in city water.

Discover the Pure Drinking Water Difference

Everyday Essentials Begin with Great Water
Water touches your life in so many ways. And you depend on water that’s clean and high quality for all of your household activities. Because when your water is more efficient, your household is more efficient. That adds up to money-savings for you and your family.

Every feature of Water Filtration Pros of Texas’ systems has been designed to provide better water for your home. And every system in our complete line of innovative water treatment products combines efficiency and flexibility to best satisfy your family’s needs.

Water Filtration Systems - Total Care Series

Total Water Care Series

Water Conditioning Systems

Water Conditioners

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Ultraviolet Light

Carbon Towers

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