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Texas Drinking Water Systems is the premier “Water Destination” in Burleson, Texas. Our offerings range from purified alkaline drinking water to commercial water treatment and everything in between.  We have a 24/7 outdoor dispenser for both purified and alkaline water.  Click here to see how it’s done.  Or come inside and we will fill your water bottles and carry them to your vehicle. We are also an authorized Enagic® Kangen® distributor.

Water Softener Services

Leaky valve? Whether it’s Clack, Fleck, or Hydrotech, in most cases, our technicians can replace the seals and rebuild the control valve. If your control valve is non-repairable, we can replace it with a new Hydrotech (HT-89) residential control valve that’s highly efficient and comes with a 7-year parts and labor warranty (commercial valves may have a shorter warranty).

Are you on Municipal or Co-op Water?

If you’re on municipal or co-op water, chlorine and chloramines used to disinfect your tap water will break prematurely down the softener’s resin. We highly recommend adding a catalytic carbon tank in front of your softener to extend the life of your resin. This could save you thousands of dollars over the softener’s lifetime.

Is Your Softener Not Softening Anymore?

Let our technicians repack it with new resin for you. Over time, the media in your tank will break down and needs to be replaced. Our technicians can repack your tank system. In addition to softener resin, we also repack catalytic carbon, and various other media used to treat iron, sulfur, and turbidity. Within a few hours, your system should be filtering or conditioning properly again.

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Not all Reverse Osmosis Water is the Same. You may be absorbing up to 10% of the plastic that is leeching from your bottled water. Get an in-home system and solve the problem!

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